​Mr and Mrs Nicholson with Max, Jacob and Lois

​Mr and Mrs Nicholson with Max, Jacob and Lois

We rescued Max, a black Labrador cross aged about six months old. We already had two wonderful border collies Jacob & Lois, each from working farms aged 8 weeks when we bought them. Soon after we brought Max home we realised that we had made a huge mistake! He was extremely unruly - much more than just usual puppy behaviour, and Jacob and Lois were very unhappy and would not interact with him at all. In fact the tension between Jacob and Max was very worrying. After a few weeks, when I realised things were getting worse, I contacted Ali who was recommended by our vet. 

Ali was fantastic! She offered so much insight and advice for all of the dogs together along with lots of intensive work one on one. I thought I knew lots when it came to dogs, yet despite having dogs all my life  - I soon realised that I didn't! Within minutes Ali had Max sitting when we entered the room and lying down at our feet instead of climbing all over us - basic things that Jacob and Lois managed from a really early age.

Using the same techniques that Ali used when she came to see us we have been able to teach Max lots of self control. We also dramatically changed our routine to remove the triggers that were leading to the aggressive spats. Within days things had improved so much, and continue to do so. 

Ali stays in regular contact and offers lots of further guidance. She also recommended a pain management review for Jacob and I'm pleased to say that things are so much better. Jacob, Lois, and Max even play and interact together now!

Despite my years of experience I think a session with Ali should be compulsory before and after expanding your family with dog! I have recommended her to everyone I know with a dog!! All of us especially Max will be forever grateful - she saved him and us!!

Mr and Mrs Nicholson with Max, Jacob and Lois.