Mr and Mrs McMillan with Alfie, Charlie and Toby

Mr and Mrs McMillan with Alfie, Charlie and Toby

We rescued Alfie & Charlie our 2 black cats 12 years ago.  Alfie had always been a very confident cat and acts more like a dog than a cat. They had lived together relatively happily until 9 months ago when we rescued another black cat Toby. Toby is a much younger playful character.  

Charlie our girl took an instant dislike to him and refused to come out from under the bed. Alfie although accepting of Toby was acting in an odd way and we were having to break up fights between the cats.  
Our Vet recommnded Ali and she visited us at our home.  Ali was so personable and really easy to get on with and it was so amazing to have someone with a different perspective come in and see things through a fresh pair of eyes.

A few weeks on and all 3 cats are much happier, Charlie is no longer hiding and comes out to play, Alfie no longer blocks or attacks Toby, and Toby is very happy, we still have some work to do and are continuing to put into practice all the advice that Ali has given us.

I would recommend that anyone who is having pet behaviour problems to contact Ali, we cannot thank her enough for all her help and advice.

Mr and Mrs McMillan with Alfie, Charlie and Toby.