​Mr and Mrs Moreton with Mimi

​Mr and Mrs Moreton with Mimi

Mimi is a cat with a beautiful nature - loving, gentle, sociable and perfectly suited to a young family. As experienced cat owners we didn’t think twice about settling her into the household as a kitten and following the same toilet training regime as with our previous cats.

Mimi had a few accidents on the bed and sofa as a small kitten which we thought had led to a learned preference for toileting on soft furnishings. However, even once she was older with access to the outdoors we couldn’t understand why she chose the sofa over the garden or litter tray.

 Ali was recommended by our vet who confirmed we’d tried everything else and sure enough, within a short time in our house, Ali had identified the problem with toileting in the garden in the form of an aggressive neighbours’ cat who had traumatised Mimi to the point she didn’t feel safe enough to out.  Ali then helped us to devise a programme to stop us forcing her outside and gently changing her preference from the sofa to litter tray inside.

Always rapidly on the end of email, Ali helped us realise what we couldn’t see ourselves and within three months Mimi is even happily using the garden rather than the house.

Huge credit to Ali - we were considering re-homing Mimi and couldn’t have hoped for a better result.

Mr and Mrs Moreton with Mimi.