Miss Burt and Mr Broadhead with Texas

Miss Burt and Mr Broadhead with Texas

My husband and I adopted Texas, a German Shepherd cross, in August 2016. We knew she was a nervous dog, but didn’t understand the full extent of her issues.
After a few weeks it became apparent that 30kgs of dog barking at every other dog in the world (even across a field) was not a manageable situation!

I was initially anxious about having a behavioural consultation, but Ali soon put me at ease and gave us some easy strategies to start our journey (as well as a report to explain what she should be doing).  

We then started 1-2-1 and group sessions, implementing methods to build Tex’s confidence to show her that everything needn’t be scary. During the sessions Ali would take the time to explain and show us Tex’s behaviour and body language so we could learn to read her feelings, which I found invaluable.

Ali’s approach to teaching both the humans and the dog allowed us all to improve and build confidence, and her open door policy for support has been vital in keeping me motivated when sometimes it felt like there was no end in sight. 
Owning a reactive dog has certainly been eye opening!

Two years ago I had no idea what it even meant, but it has made us much better dog owners, and with Ali’s help we’ve build an amazingly strong bond with our once frightened dog and Tex even has doggy friends he now plays with!

I cannot express how grateful I am to Ali – her professionalism, friendly manner, and support have allowed us to get where we are today.

Miss Burt and Mr Broadhead with Texas.