Behavioural Consultations for Cats

Helping you to find that place

When our beloved cats face difficulties it can be a distressing and daunting experience, often leaving us with a sense of isolation. Despite seeking assistance from various sources, the abundance of contradictory guidance can add to the confusion, making it incredibly challenging to determine the best path to follow.


A behavioural consultation will:

  • Will help you to establish the underlying motivations for the behavioural concerns.
  • Provide initial management advice to relieve a lot of the stress and/or safety concerns.
  • Provide advice that is practical, transparent and tailored to your needs and the needs of your individual cat.
  • Help you to create environments that set your cat up to succeed, in order to help them to make the right decisions.
  • Help you to understand why the problems have developed and how to avoid future problems.

Common problems seen:

  • Aggression (towards owners or other cats in the home)
  • Anxiety and stress due to neighbouring cats
  • General anxiety and stress
  • Compulsive disorders
  • House soiling and indoor urine marking
  • Scratching, vocalisation
  • Handling problems including grooming and veterinary examination

Although all animals are sensitive to environmental stress, cats can be particularly sensitive, and this is often the cause of many of their unwanted behaviours.  Working to understand, identify and reduce potential stressors is, therefore, an essential part of their treatment programme.