Veterinary CPD, Education and Training

Educational talks and workshops can be arranged and regular practical workshops run throughout the year. Each event can be arranged to meet your specific requirements and target audience and take the form of a friendly chat to staff over lunch or an organised occasion advertised to the local public. 

Veterinary CPD

  • Training packages for veterinary staff on how to successfully run their own puppy parties
  • Talks and practical demonstrations for veterinary practices on how to become more behaviourally aware including how to manage tricky cases and prevent the development of more serious problems
  • Guidance on when and how to refer a behaviour case
  • Training on behavioural first aid advice of the most commonly seen problems
  • Specific topics can also be discussed including aggression, dominance, understanding body language and communication and how to use positive reward based methods to aid veterinary treatments and muzzle training.

Talks and Workshops

  • Ask the expert session
  • Talks to veterinary clientele on a range of behavioural topics
  • Talks to schools and clubs on educating children and their parents on safety around dogs.
  • Puppy problem prevention talks and talks on common behaviour problems for the general public
  • Specific talks on a variety of behavioural topics including multi-dog and cat households, safety for children around dogs, sound sensitivities.
  • Practical workshops for dog rescue staff on common behaviour problems and behaviour modification methods.
  • Talks and demonstrations for dog training clubs on recognising, preventing and managing common behaviour problems.

Practical Training workshops

In collaboration with another local trainer/behaviourist, these fun and practical workshops are held regularly throughout the year at a local training grounds. 

  • Pet Gundog
  • Recall
  • Relaxed lead walking

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