Behaviour and Welfare Consultancy

Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust' staff member pictured with some of the stray dogs they care for

Ali is incredibly passionate about improving dog behaviour and welfare, and is dedicated in producing high standards of work.  

Both small and large projects are considered.  

Expertise offered:

  • Project for charities both in the UK and abroad (research, education, participation)
  • Veterinary continual professional development (CPD)More
  • Development of dog behaviour/welfare curriculums for use in educational settings
  • Talks on a number of behavioural topics…More
  • Practical training workshops…More
  • Expert advice for publications, the media and press
  • Research/writing support
  • Organisation of events in the behaviour and welfare sector

Picture: 'Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust' staff member pictured with some of the stray dogs they care for.  It's an incredible charity Ali is currently supporting on several projects.

Current/Recent projects include:

  • Development of a years curriculum for schools in The Gambia to help improve their understanding of dog behaviour. The project aims to change the attitudes and behaviour of children towards dogs in The Gambia, to improve dog welfare and reduce the risk of rabies
  • Writing a children’s book to improve understanding of canine body language
  • Project in The Gambia to train a display team of Gambians and their dogs. The project aims to promote positive reward based methods and change the attitudes towards dogs to improve welfare
  • Interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire on helping dogs to cope during the Pandemic
  • Writing a free booklet to support dog owners during the Corona Virus Pandemic which was shared on social media, to clients and referring veterinary practices
  • Interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire on how to cope with dog reactive dogs
  • Development of a series of behavioural handouts for a charity run veterinary organisation
  • Research on appropriate resources on the internet for puppy owners
  • Member of an Expert Panel for research paper:- Salgirli Demirbas, H. Ozturk, B. Emre, M. Kockaya,T. Ozvardar& A. Scott (2016). Adults Ability to Interpret Canine Body Language during a Dog–Child Interaction