What does the consultation process involve?

Stage 1: Behavioural Consultation or Training problem?

Behaviour Consultation:

All behaviour cases must be on veterinary referral, as many behaviour problems may be related to past or present medical conditions. Referral from the veterinary surgeon also enables you to feel confident that I have been recommended based on my experience, qualifications and reputation. Failure to ensure that the animal is healthy may lead to behavioural misdiagnosis, welfare implications and unnecessary expense. It is therefore advisable to contact your veterinary surgeon to discuss your pet's behavioural problems and the appropriateness of a referral. Your vet can then contact me directly by sending a CABTSG Referral Form. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your needs and we can then help you to arrange the referral.

One to One Training and Puppy Advice Visits:

Training visits and puppy advice visits do not need a veterinary referral and so please contact us directly to discuss your dog's training requirements. In some cases, a behavioural consultation may be more appropriate and a referral can be arranged.

Stage 2: Booking a Consultation or Training Visit

Once in contact, we can discuss your pet’s behaviour problems and answer any questions. If you require any immediate help, an advice call can be arranged. A confirmation letter will then be sent to you which will confirm the details of your consultation.

In order to secure the visit, a deposit of £50 for behaviour consultations and £30 for a training visit is required. This must be paid by cheque or bank transfer on booking the visit. The deposit will then be used towards the cost of your consultation, which must be paid in full on the day of your visit.

Stage 3: The Consultation

Behaviour Consultations:

The consultation lasts approximately 2 - 2.5 hours where a comprehensive history is taken and a behavioural diagnosis is made. A behaviour modification programme is then tailored to each individual case in order to ensure that the best chance of success is reached. For most cases, a follow up sessions will then follow within 4-5 weeks to assess progress and to work on the practical elements of the treatment plan. For some problems including dog-dog aggression, more follow up visits are likely to be required and packages are available. All cases seen for a behavioural consultation will receive 12 months of phone/email support.

One to One Training:

The first training session lasts up to 1.5 hours where the problems are discussed and assessed. Practical techniques will then be introduced to manage and improve the behavioural issue. A behaviour training programme is then tailored to each individual case, in order to ensure the best chance of success. You are welcome to take notes during the visit and a typed summary is available on request. All cases seen for training will receive 6 months of phone/email support.​

For some training and behaviour cases it might be appropriate for me to work directly with your dog when you are unavailable. however this is case dependent and is only offered to clients local to Malmesbury.

Stage 4: Follow Up Visits

The follow up consultations last up to 1.5 hours. These may be necessary to help with the practical elements of the treatment plan and will be arranged either as a house visit or in an appropriate location to work on the problem behaviour, for example, the park.