Striving to improve animal behaviour and welfare

Based in Malmesbury Ali covers areas including Chippenham, Swindon, Gloucester, Bath & Bristol

Ali is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and professional service that goes beyond diagnosing your pet's behaviour or training concerns.

Ali's ethos is rooted in the belief that education on animal behaviour and welfare is paramount, and dedicates both her personal time and consultancy work to educational projects.

Recognising the significance of understanding our pets' needs and behaviours, Ali is dedicated to providing invaluable knowledge and practical support to caregivers, veterinary professionals, schools/clubs, charities, and rescue centre staff. 

For those seeking to adopt or foster, Ali offers a comprehensive service in the behavioural assessment of dogs for both prospective parents and adoption/foster agencies. With the increasing recognition of the profound impact animals can have on our mental health, Ali also conducts behavioural assessments for schools wishing to incorporate a dog into their pastoral care. 

Central to Ali's philosophy is the emphasis on developing a relationship with our animal companions, built on trust, respect and empathy. By nurturing a deep understanding of their unique perspectives and needs, Ali advocates the creation of bonds that can withstand the stressors and distractions of modern-day life.

By embracing education and prioritising animal welfare, Ali is committed to promoting reward-based methods, and endeavours to improve the lives of animals by remaining up to date with new insights and developments in the field of Clinical Animal Behaviour.

Ali also takes great pride in guiding and facilitating the human aspect of her role and offers comprehensive support to caregivers to ensure they can navigate any challenges that arise. 

Behaviour Consultations and 1-1 Training


Behaviour and Welfare